Get the best and safest returns on your investments by operating with repos market.

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The overnight repo rate + 800 Basis Points (BPS)

We are looking for the most conservative and zero risk guarantee. Ideal for long-term investors with goals to buy property, study for children or private retirements. We do this in a mutual fund traded on stock exchanges. Repos are held in assets such as stocks, commodities, or bonds and operate with an arbitration mechanism designed to keep you close to their net asset value.

What is overnight repo rate?

Daily. United States Overnight Repo Rate. Overnight repo rate is the interest rate at which different market participants swap treasuries for cash to cover short-term cash needs. The repo rate is helping to ensure banks have the liquidity to meet their daily operational needs and maintain sufficient reserves.

Programs from 3 months to 10 years.

NU Kapital Money Market Global Fund ETP. A structure in which bonds and preferred shares, repos, call and put options are combined in the OTC markets. Ideal for investors who want to build capital and earn significant returns. This financial structure is generally limited to large and experienced investors who are now within the reach of small or medium.

$2 trillion to $4 trillion

Experts estimate that around $2 trillion to $4 trillion of debt are financed here each day, meaning it’s vital to the overall functioning of the financial system. The cash that institutions receive goes toward funding daily operations. Experts have offered up a wide variety of analogies meant to explain how the process works. Some refer to it as the plumbing of the financial system, while others call it the market’s beating heart.

What is the repo market?

The repo market is essentially a two-way intersection, with cash on one side and Treasury securities on the other. They’re both trying to get to the other side. One firm sells securities to a second institution and agrees to purchase back those assets for a higher price by a certain date, typically overnight. The contract those two parties draw up is known as a repo.

Short-term collateralized loan

Essentially, it’s a short-term collateralized loan. And just as most loans come with an interest payment, you can think of the difference between the original price and the second, higher price, as the “interest” paid on that loan. It’s also known as “the repo rate.”

Why would two parties want to participate in the repo market?

Because it ultimately benefits them. Financial firms with large pools of cash would prefer to not just let that money sit around — it doesn’t collect interest, meaning it doesn’t make any money. On the other side, it allows financial institutions to borrow cheaply to fund short-term needs. There’s also (typically) not much risk involved for either parties.

global market.

Banks, hedge funds and other large companies regularly flock to this market to borrow money with which they require that their ledgers are in order. They do this outside of their daily activities. Keep in mind that it does not only exist in the United States. «The repo market is essential for the efficient operation of almost all financial markets,» says the International Association of the Capital Market, they are based in Switzerland.

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Get the best and safest returns on your investments by operating with repos market. We are Specialists!

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